Irmac MTR

The MTR is a fully electronic single cylinder machine for men, women and children socks, in stitch

transfer and plain knit, in 2 feeds , 7 colours.

8 actuators provide needle by needle electronic selection.

By substituting the transfer jacks with needles, we can produce plain socks, with the same choice of colour and pattern.

Operative semplicity and low costs of maintenance and control. Integral electronic programming of the sock cycle, style and fabric quality. Each machine equipped with 3.5" floppy disk drive for easier data access. Storage for several styles.


Direct transmission motor to cylinder by gears . Heel and toe electronic shaping ( without mechanical pickers).

By using the step by step motors, the sinker position and stitch cam formation may be regulated, to enable stitch widening and narrowing at any part of the sock.

Elastic feeder adjustment controlled with step by step motor.

All logic machine outputs are protected against all short circuits. Max Rpm speed : 250 plain knit in 2 feeds, 200 Rpm stitch transfer.

Production in 24 hours: 30 dozens

Medium consumption: kw 1,50

-Weight: Kg. 350

-Dimensions: 110x90x160