Irmac T6

IRMAC T6 is a single cylinder knitting machine for the production of sport head-bands , scarves and hats, with integral electronic programming.Each machine equipped with 3.5" floppy disk drive for easier data access. Storage for several styles.


. Two feed machine , each feed is independently adjustable and excludable.

. Electronic needle-by-needle selection by 5 actuators.

. 21 yarn guides electronically controlled by electropneumatic action allowing to do coloured

striping up to 14 colours, patterning in plain mesh and terry up to 14 colours, single pattern in any

position up to 4 colours in the same course.

The machine can pass from an article with terry to one in plain mesh, changing only the program,

it isn?t required the change of any mechanical part.

. The feeder of the rubber is electronically controlled by an indipendent and speed

programmable by step motor.

. The stitch quality control is made by 2 step-motors indipendently controlled and positioned by

electronic program.

. Electronic dial controlled by motor with indipendent variable speed to arrange double welt and

yarns cutting.

. Automatic separation yarn with additional nylon yarn course as to quickly close the hat at the top.