Irmac T4

RMAC T4 is a four feeds fully electronic single cylinder machine for the production of men, women and children socks, in plain mesh, terry and sandwich terry, with reciprocated heel and toe Operative semplicity and low costs of maintenance and control. Integral electronic programming of the sock cycle, style and fabric quality. Storage for several styles, each in 8 sizes and different types of heel. All logic machine outputs are protected against all short circuits.

Technical characteristics.

- 4" diameter cylinder, from 72 up to 200 needles.

- Direct transmission motor to cylinder by gears.

- Stitch quality adjustement electronically controlled by 3 step-step motors.

- 7 needle selection groups wac of new generation ,4 feeder blocks with 6 yarnfingers .

- Each machine equipped with floppy disk drive 3.5" for easier data access and storage.

- Terry and plain mesh in 24 or 36 gauge realized with the same sinker-cap .

Production characteristics.

- 4 feed socks and pantyhose with terry or plain mesh with reciprocated or pouch hell and toe

- Unlimited pattern field capability up to 3 colours on the same course plus ground colour, up to a

total of 13 colours

- Socks with multicolours stripes-jacquard patterns - patterns with tuck and filet stitch

- Double or normal welt in 2 or 1 feeds, elastic in 2 or 1 feeds can be inserted in various points in

the sock.

- Socks with terry or plain can be produced in 1,2,3 and 4 feeds.