Irmac T3

From the historical experience of IRMAC is born Mod. T3, a full electronic circular knitting machine of high technology for the production of ties.

-Single cylinder machine diameter 3?-31/4? in gauge 18-24-36-48
-3 feed machine, each feed is independently adjustable and excludable, with 3 technical ways for each feed.
-Electronic needle-by-needle selection by 6 actuators, 2 on each feed, for the production of Tuck- and English stitch.
-18 yarn guides (6 at each feed) electronically controlled by electropneumatic action allowing to do coloured striping up to 18 colours, Jaquard in plain stitch up to 12 colours, Jacquard in two colours on true rib fabric+ basical colour, single pattern in any position.
-The stitch cam quality control is made by step-motors (1 for each feed) independently controlled and positioned by electronic program.
-3 Recuperators, 1 for each feed,for knitting without yarn cutting.
-The dial is equipped with yarn cutting circular saw and 1 air shoe as to carry away the trimmed ends.

For the production of:

. Ties with 3 colours per course motif (6 total) knitted in 3 feeds
. 3 colour jacquard, in 3 feeds
. 3 colour filet stitch, in 3 feeds.
. Adjustment of the fabric with step-step motors.
. Automatic graduation on all step-step motors.
. Relief stitches in 3 feeds (links links).
. Speed 250 revolutions in 3 feed, production mean time for each tie 4 minutes.

Technical features:

. Possibility to store more than 10 different articles in the machine.
. Articles are uploaded to machine with USB flash drive.
. Colour display
. Warranty: 24 months

The Optionals:

. Suction fan
. Electronic yarns system control (BTSR)
. Yarn creel

Diameters-Needles-Gauges Table